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Library Establishments


Public libraries are in service for more than seven decades in Nepal.  There are many public/community libraries registered in Nepal.  Moreover, those which are functional are either poorly equipped or do not have the resources or the means to cater to the needs of modern society.  Following the definition of  UNESCO/IFLA, public libraries are not yet established in Kathmandu.  The need for a public library with well organized, equipped, and tailored to meet the needs of the Nepali people in the 21st century was discussed among academicians, educationists, diplomats, politicians, lawyers, industrialists, social workers, and journalists in June 2003. The meeting decided to form a committee for the establishment of a modern library in Kathmandu. The committee formed the Society for Kathmandu Valley Public Library.

The Society started the public library in a limited way both in respect of housing the readership and providing public services at Bhrikutimandap, Kathmandu from 9 July 2005. Society is overwhelmed by the ever-increasing public response in its favor. People of every walk have expressed their appreciation and support for the initiatives taken by Society.

The vision of the Society

The vision of the Society is to develop Kathmandu Valley Public Library as one of the effective vehicles to achieve the goals of creating a society that is educated,  civilized,  democratic, and peaceful. The library will play a vital role in promoting Nepal as a modernized and developed country by providing access to information for all.

Library Membership

Library membership is open to all interested public.  Each member is entitled to borrow two books for the two weeks period. There are now 2401 members who are using book-lending facilities.


Book Collection

The campaign for book donation become very much popular among the public.  People from all walks of the society took interest in the library and donated books, reports and educational materials.  So far, there are more than 60 thousands books, reports, and education materials received in the library.

E Library services

With the facilities of six computers, e library is being started with the support of Nepal Library Foundation (NLF), Canada. Library members can use this services to acess e-resources (open source) related to different subjects, like, education, employment, health, science and technology.

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Library Activities

KVPL Newsletter

A bi-annual newsletter is being published with the objectives of sharing of KVPL activities and library-related activities of other public libraries of the country.


Training, workshop and interaction programs

The Society is conducting interaction programs on current issues with and among the founder members, library members and library users.  Likewise, the Society is annually organizing a 3 Month long Library and Information Service Training to produce semi professionals to cater needs of the community and public libraries of the country.

Information Sharing Forum for Community Libraries

This library has been able to gain public confidence.  Number of community library workers from within and outside Kathmandu valley do visit this library and share common issues for the development of the public library system in the country.  The KVPL is being utilized as an Information Sharing Forum for the community libraries of the country.
Library users

From the very beginning of its service open to the public, the library become popular among the valley people.  One of the advantage of this library is its centrally located and near to Old Bus Park (Ratnapark) and academic areas.  Pople from Lalitpur and Bhaktapur are also using this library.  Daily more than 200 children, students, teachers, researchers are  utilizing  the library services.  
It is noteworthy to mention that mostly children come to the library on each Saturday and spent whole day.     Mostly library users are students from school and college (+2 and BA students).  Other categories of readers are teachers, researchers, service holders, business people, job seekers, journalists, social workers.  

Library visit:

The library is fortunate to welcome political leaders, diplomats, constitutional heads and top bureaucrats, scholars and leaders of the civil society.  Former Prime ministers Mr. Krishna Prasad Bhattarai, Mr. Lokendra Bahadur Chand, Mr. Madhab Kumar Nepal and Mr. Jhalnath Khanal have visited the library.  Diplomats from USA, Russian Federation, United Kingdom, China, German, Pakistan, Denmark, Isreael, Bangladesh, Norway, Sweden have also visited the library and donated books and education materials.